Listed below are several peyronie's disease studies, with emphasis on the most recent ones. It can be useful to print off studies for proven treatments like pentoxifylline,should your doctor if he's unfamiliar with the treatments. 


Combined (traction, verapamil and pentoxifylline) therapy study: 

Note: Verapamil injections also formed part of the study.  Injections are clearly less 'conservative' than stretching and oral medications though.

Another positive pentoxifylline study. This time relating specifically to issues of calcification.


Traction studies related to penis extension for various conditions (short penis, peyronie's disease, post surgery etc): [1] [2] [3] [4][5] [6]

(Study in focus:  Check out this study. It's no surprise that traction is beneficial post-surgery. Extender devices have previously been shown to be useful for those looking to avoid surgery by going for a more conservative approach, helping with curvature reduction, buckling and so on. Scar tissue, whether developed or developing can be remodeled via stretching over an extended period of

VED therapy study:

COQ10 Study* - [Download full study .pdf]

(Differences between Ubiquinone into Ubiquinol forms of CoQ10 covered here)

CoQ10 is not a prescription drug so can be purchased without prescription. VED and traction devices also do not require a prescription to purchase.


Dr Lue Peyronie's Review - A detailed and useful review of peyronie's disease causes and treatments.

 Non-surgical Interventions for Peyronie’s Disease 2011

A comprehensive look at non surgical peyronie's disease treatments. It even includes the recent CoQ10 study, though sadly nothing on vacuum therapy.


Penile Plication Using the 16-Dot Technique - Good writeup. This should be heartening for men intending to receive plication surgery, especially it it's under Dr Lue.

Incision and grafting for severe Peyronie's disease - A study relating to grafting surgery carried out in a patient with an 80 degree curvature.

A grafting surgery follow up study.

Erectile Dysfunction after Plaque Incision and Grafting - This study gives pause for thought to those undergoing this particular procedure.  Of course for those with good erectile functioning it may not be an issue, but for other men it could well be. All good surgeons will discuss treatment options beforehand and should take into account your erectile functioning when drawing conclusions about what treatment is right for you.

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