Friday, 6 February 2015

Lack of Understanding

I have talked previously about the lack of sympathy and seriousness with which male sexual health problems are often treated by society. This in my view contributes towards an already incredibly difficult position for men suffering from cruel and sometimes progressive or reoccurring conditions such as peyronie's disease.

Today I stumbled upon a strange and somewhat sensationalist article on the Daily Mail UK site (who'd have thought it!) stating that a man has only "100 orgasms left". It's an unusual way to frame the condition, but it's more the comments section that grabbed my attention. You would think or at least hope that a man detailing  a potentially traumatic situation and at such a young age (34) would garner a degree of sympathy from readers. Unfortunately, this is far from the reality, as the 'best rated' comments reveal:

"Get married, 100 orgasms will last the rest of your life!"

"Blimey. That would keep me going for years"

" Oh well 100 is still better than nothing. And with most blokes only lasting 1 minute 30 seconds us women won't even get 100 in our lifetime. Oh wait...thank goodness for Ann Summers."

"Arrogant guy does not want to 'waste' his orgasms on unsuitable women! Many gorgeous women will have a lucky escape then, methinks!"

So, as you can see, there is a distinct lack of acknowledgement and engagement with this man's predicament and the whole affair is either treated as a joke, or bizarrely as 'arrogance' by the sufferer. There are a few comments that are more sympathetic to this man's problems, but they are few and far between. I really do hope for a time where significant sexual health problems like peyronie's disease are treated with a little more seriousness and compassion. It's amazing considering the mockery and lack of understanding surrounding peyronie's disease, that any progress has been made regarding treatment options. Rant over.

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