Saturday, 3 August 2013

Urologist Question


Do you know of a tactful and compassionate UK based urologist? My previous urologist was very abrupt and non caring, and I don't want to made the same mistake twice.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated,



Dear S,

This is a tough question as to a certain extent it's subjective. Some urologists seeing many peyronie's disease patients every week have 'seen it all before', so may come across as indifferent as a result of that. I think it's best that I share some info that's out there and let you make up your own mind:

Here is Doctor David Ralph (respected peyronie's disease doctor) in a consultation with a man with a small penis condition: My Penis and I [2005] - YouTube

Mr Suks Minhas (University College London) discussing penis length issues: My Penis And Everyone Else's[2007] - YouTube

I know those issues aren't peyronie's disease related, but it gives you a chance to actually observe both urologists in action to see how they come across. This might result in you feeling more comfortable with booking an appointment with them.

One urologist I have seen recommended a few times in terms of his dealing with the emotional side of things is Tim Whittlestone from Bristol Urology: Bristol Urology Associates - The Team Profiles . I've known people to describe his manner as excellent and state that he put them at ease. With that in mind, maybe he would be a good choice?


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