Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fractured Penis - "Wait and See"

Here is a recent piece that featured in The Guardian newspaper and on their website in July. The author, a psychotherapist specialising in treating sexual disorders, takes time to cover the emotional aspect of the condition - telling the wife not to blame herself and to retain an intimate connection with her husband if possible.  Sound advice. The comments on the actual treatment side of things didn't strike me as being particularly informed or detailed though, telling him to follow the doctors orders "to correct the buildup of plaque and/or scar tissue in a penile artery that's causing erectile pain.". The treatment prescribed according to the concerned partner writing in is "a prescribed cream". I can only assume that this is topical verapamil cream, which doesn't have a great reputation in my view.

The 'Guardian Picks' choice of 'PhilClarke' in the comment section is quite interesting. There's certainly more substance to it in regard to the physical side of things than the article. However, the comment is rather critical of peyonie's disease discussion groups on account that he feels they cater for the more extreme cases and are wishful thinkers with regard treatments. He goes on to state that he's in "wait and see mode" and that peyronie's pain will typically diminish and disappear.

I tend to agree that for most men pain caused by peyronie's disease inflammation will go away. Where I disagree is that engaging in no treatment options is a sensible option when dealing with the condition. We know for instance that Pentoxifylline is useful in improving the outcome of peyronie's and as such there's really no reason not to pursue that option. Multiple physical treatment options  can also reduce curvature in many cases. If your house is on fire you can 'wait and see' if the fire goes out or causes serious damage, it's guesswork. Or you can do something about it. My advice would be the same with peyronie's.

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