Saturday, 11 May 2013

Penile Traction Therapy Review

Traction therapy has, over the past few years, gained acceptance as a valuable useful tool in the battle against peyronie's disease, sometimes reducing curvature to the point where surgery is no longer required and increasing penis size along the way.

A comprehensive review of traction therapy has been published in one of the latest editions of the Therapeutic Advances in Urology journal and it's available to read here. It's a very fair article in that it doesn't solely concentrate on the positives, but also touches on the limitations (for instance thoughts concerning how it may be of less use is calcification is present) of this treatment type. It's important bring together the latest information available and educate yourself when choosing a treatment path.  Vacuum erectile devices are also covered, adding to the completeness of this review. It's a good read and should get you up to speed on the device based aspects of conservative treatments.

If you'd like to read more about traction therapy go to this site page, and for more on VED go here. There is no quick fix for PD, but there are treatment that certainly can help physically and in doing so also reduce some of the mental burden that is more often than not present too in sufferers of this condition.

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