Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Surgery To Fix Curvature Of The Penis

I'm now a 27 year old male, two years ago I decided to get surgery to fix a curvature of my erection. I started to realise I had a problem in high school but didn't understand why and I was too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it. My erection had a severe downward curve. I never engaged in relationships with females because I knew in the end I had a problem that prevented me from having sex and it would be too humiliating to have that moment with her. Several more years pass, I'm now aware that this is not just a growing phase and that I have a problem that has to be looked at by a doctor. This was the most difficult thing I've had to face, I was so nervous about the whole situation. The thoughts of the doctor giving me bad news terrified me, but I was at my breaking point where I couldn't live with my condition any longer.

The first urologist I saw was unsure of my condition and referred me to a specialist. This urologist (Dr. Levine) knew what was wrong right away and spoke to me with confidence that he could fix it with a surgical procedure. He give me all the details about the surgery and its success rate, which is very high and I was convinced this is what I should do. I scheduled my surgery with him for next week. At this point I was still scared of something going wrong and a lot of bad thoughts go through a mind in this situation. I would advise not going through this alone. Having someone really helped me mentally handle my thoughts.

Day of the surgery I felt like my life was on the line. I meet with Dr. Levine while I'm laying on my bed awaiting to be taken in for surgery. Then the anesthesiologist comes in to put me under and that's the last thing I remember until I woke up post surgery in my bed. It's painful and now my penis is in a somewhat tight wrap. You stay there until they can confirm you can urinate. I got out a little bit but with the wrap on you have to squeeze it out so its not easy to get a good flow. That's the first sign that the surgery went well.

Now I'm home a few hours after the surgery and I just took my pain medication and watched movies. While on all the pain medication most of the time I was sleeping. There is still pain but it's manageable on the medication. A few days pass and finally I'm able to take off my bandage. It was not a pretty sight but it felt so good to get it off and urinate without restriction and to take a shower. Now with the bandage off I began to get some erections which caused pain but it was reassuring that my surgery was successful. There are some massaging techniques you do to make sure you don't form scar tissue, the shaft will be swollen and sensitive and takes some time to look normal again. I waited longer than I had to before I could masturbate again because I was worried but that was the last conformation I needed that everything was good and all the physical and mental problems were now behind me.

Two years later I've been a lot more confident, I don't have those thoughts in the back of my head of being an inadequate male anymore. It's definitely something that I should have addressed earlier because it can be fixed. My outlook of life is a lot brighter now. I have a new drive and I'm a lot happier with who I am.


The above account is a message I received from a 20 something with congenital curvature. I saw a post relating to his penile surgery, carried out by Dr Levine, on a social networking site, and he was kind enough to provide a write up here. Hopefully this can act as a motivator for men considering surgery, whether for congenital curvature or, where suitable, peyronie's disease.

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