Monday, 11 March 2013

Email: Vacuum Erection Device Success 2

(This is a follow-up from the previous VED post.)


I hope this is some help to other sufferers. As you know my consultant gave me Potaba about 18 months ago, but also wanted to operate. I didn't want this, so just carried on taking potaba. This seemed to stabilise the bending and also increase blood flow to the penis, but I wasn't gaining any ground, so I went back to my G.P. ,who sent me back to see my consultant. He suggested a V.E.D. This has changed my life, my penis size has increased, and also the bend has reduced significantly, so my daily routine is as follows: wake up, shower and do manual penis exercises stretching and bending, then dry off and use lots of water based moisturiser, have breakfast take my potaba and vitamin E, go to work continue during the day taking my potaba (four times a day), when I come in from work I use the V.E.D. for twenty minutes to half an hour, always use plenty of water based gel, and I remove all my pubic hair, as this gives a better seal. I pump my penis up and keep it fully erect for three minutes and then release. I repeat this over the twenty minute half hour period, then shower and more moisturiser, I do this seven days a week. You are more than welcome to print this,but please do not use my name,speak to you soon .

(New info from further email) I would say the bend has been reduced by at least 50%, also I find the Soma system very easy to uset. There are three cylinders A(small), B(medium), C(large). This refers to penis size, it took me a week by trial and error to find the best one for me. I started off on B and soon moved up to C, such was the increase in girth and the length wasn't important as the cylinders are about 12" long (300mm). There are different tension rings that are easy to use, just slide them on the cylinder, and once the penis is erect slide the ring on to the base of the penis.bI sometimes use these and you can stay erect for up to half an hour.
 Regards M


(More on vacuum erectile devices and the VED protocol. The protocol this man used was a three cylinder system, as is the spivey system listed on the VED protocol page. An example of a one cylinder VED protocol can be viewed in this study in which a Osbon ErecAid unit was used.)

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