Thursday, 14 February 2013

Peyronie's Disease Plication Comment

It's always nice when site visitors take the time to comment on updates, so I thought I'd highlight one received earlier in the month which I feel really adds something to the post it pertains to. It's a comment from a urologist named JB, under this peyronie's disease surgery post from August 2009. He clearly took quite some time to make the comment and it's very thorough in relation to plication surgery and what to expect from it. He also touches on other types of surgical procedures as well as non surgical approaches to PD. Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate all the work you're doing here to keep the public updated on Peyronie's issues. I've had PD for 4 years. I saw a specialist who prescribed traction and colchicine. I have about 30% curvature. I can't know what would have happened without treatment. I'm looking forward to Xiaflex getting approval for PD. It looks very promising to me because of its effectiveness in treating Dupuytren's contracture. kurt

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