Monday, 21 January 2013

You Can Help

I'm of the view that we're quite understanding nowadays with regard to women's problems. It's drummed into us culturally, that we must be very sensitive around certain issues. Men on the other hand suffer in that they are both hesitant to raise intimate concerns with their doctor and are somewhat less likely to receive an empathetic ear. By no means is this a given across the board though, which is why I feel it's important to shine a light on medical professionals and practices that provide both a professional and compassionate service.

It's always extremely helpful to hear directly from peyronie's disease sufferers / patients. Any GP or urologist experience you can detail, both good or bad, can help us to build on a body of information that helps and can be shared with the whole peyronie's disease community. There are too many accounts of people having negative interactions when presenting this delicate condition to their GP or urologist. From an emotional and practical standpoint making the right decisions early on can make a real difference with regard to treatment and mental well being. Please do contact us if you feel that you have anything to share with us.

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