Monday, 13 August 2012

Urologist Videos

I've located a few clips of well known UK and US urologists, some of which are located within documentaries and videos available freely on youtube. Not all of these video clips are peyronie's disease specific, but that's not really of relevance as they do offer footage of urologists dealing with matters relating to the penis. When going to see a urologist I don't ever think you can be armed with too much information, and knowing how your urologist describes their professional life or interacts with others can be reassuring to some.

Each clip is timestamped to begin at the relevant section:

My Penis and I [2005] - Brief Consultation featuring David Ralph relating to penis size issue and possible treatment options.

My Penis And Everyone Else's [2007] - An interview featuring urologist an andrologist Mr Suks Minhas on how some men resort to desperate measures to increase penis size.

In this video for Rush University Medical Center , Laurence Levine (Chicago, Illinois, US) touches on areas of his work and why he enjoys his job.

Dr. Tom Lue (California, San Francisco, US) discusses peyronie's disease in this 6 minute interview.

Click for peyronie's disease videos relating to surgery and the consultation process.

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