Saturday, 9 June 2012

Verapamil Injections

A peyronie's disease treatment option I've neglected to cover so far on the site is verapamil injections (VI).

Verapamil is a calcium channel blocker thought to be able to impede and reverse the scar formation process. Verapamil is injected directly into the plaque over a course of time - often every two weeks for several months - in an attempt to break up scar tissue formation. The penis is numbed and injections are made in 20-30 locations using a very small needle.

Some men have reservations about verapamil, feeling that it has not helped them, while others see noticeable benefit. One reason I put off writing a post about verapamil for so long is that reports on online peyronie's disease communities from men receiving verapamil injections are very mixed. Then again, it could be said that those who respond positively to treatment are less likely to be vocal about their experiences. Several reputable urologists do offer treatment strategies of which verapamil injections are a component, so that's something to factor in.

Of the verapamil studies out there some suggest an improvement in up to 60% of peyronie's patients (reduced pain and curvature), others no improvement. Side effects include bruising and soreness. The treatment itself can be painful for some men. It is thought that the skill of the doctor injecting may have significant bearing on the success of the treatment. A topical version of verapamil also exists, but the general consensus appears to be that it isn't at all effective. Verapamil injections are sometimes used with other effective treatments (oral options and traction) in a combined approach.

The new kid on the block in terms of injectable treatments is Xiaflex, which is due to hit the market in late 2013. It may be that this completely replaces verapamil as the injectable treatment of choice. Time will tell.

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peyronies smith said...

I have been living with PD for about 11 months now. I am currently 3 weeks into traction therapy and in 2 weeks i will begin Verapamil injections in conjuction with the traction. The traction has been going ok so far and have noticed some significant changes ie my erections are starting to return somewhat and things feel a bit looser. I have been documenting my journey with text and pictures and keeping measurements to track any progression or recession of my PD complete with my psycological dealings as well. Someday I hope to share this information with others. I think it is of paramount importance that we PD sufferers support each other and communicate about our individual experiences. I have not found much in the way of support for men with our condition. The ones I have seen smell of BS to me and are usually trying to push a BS get better quick scam. I am glad I found this blog. Thank you

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