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I'm 62, have no pain, can become erect but with a 45 degree bend to the left as I look down. I'm 12 months into the bout of peyronies disease. There is the usual hard lump located at the base of the penis which when erect seems to stretch. I don't have intercourse any more because I am too embarrassed to try. I do not want surgery and would welcome your thoughts on Potaba and where do I get it, thanks,



Hi Jack,

There are mechanical methods designed to reduce curvature:



These types of treatments are designed to stretch the scar tissue and reduce curvature. There are various studies confirming this. They are sometimes used alongside pentoxifylline (which is now typically seen as the drug of choice, over potaba - though I appreciate that can be effective for some men). It's debatable how effective oral treatments are once the condition is stable, compared to when it's active but it can't hurt to try to hit this problem from multiple angles. Where you are seeking advice from a medical professional, it definitely makes sense to find someone with a good knowledge of this specific condition. Not every urologist is a peyronie's disease expert.



Anonymous said...

I was given Vitamin E by my GP and it did work ...

You could also give it a go


Editor said...

Thanks for your contribution. It can't hurt to take Vitamin E (in some studies it is taken alongside pentoxifylline to increase its effectiveness) and it's of course very easy to get hold of. It doesn't really have a great track record though. It's an old treatment, and has been replaced by newer treatments demonstrated to be more successful in various studies. Some lucky men experience spontaneous improvements and so we need to factor that in.

For someone taking an oral treatment regimen, I'd favour pentox and CoQ10 over Vitamin E (though as I said, it can't hurt to add that to the mix too). Combined with mechanical treatments such as traction or VED, it gives a multi pronged approach.

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