Friday, 27 April 2012

When life gives you lemons..

In the peyronie's disease community, penile implants are seen by some as the 'worst case scenario'. Implants becomes a viable option where it becomes impossible to maintain an erection via natural means or with the help of usually effective PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis. Erectile dysfunction is by no means a problem exclusive to men with peyronie's disease, but is to varying extents something that can be present in sufferers of the condition. I talk a little about penile implants here.

What prompted me to bring this subject up again was this post which I saw on the reddit website. The man posting had suffered a severe trauma (penile fracture) to his penis at a young age as a result of his first sexual experience. While he did seek emergency medical treatment after receiving this injury, unfortunately it resulted in him completely losing the ability to achieve an erection.

Although the poster did state that this particular post was his "most embarrassing", what struck me was his matter of fact attitude towards the implant. He has a girlfriend, and seems rather upbeat about life. What some would view as a significant issue to have to explain to potential partners at such a young age (having to press a button to gain an erection), he seems to take in his stride. His contributions in the comments section below his post even suggest that this isn't something he has kept secret from people, in fact even his work mates know.

We can of course get into positions of over-disclosing health issues to those around us, but I think this guy can teach us all something about how to take a negative situation and be as positive and honest about it as humanly possible. Of course where a condition is 'active' (as is often the case with early stage peyronie's disease) this can be a more complex situation. Where the condition is stable though, and there are treatment options available, a positive approach to one's future is a valuable asset ot possess.

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