Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tadalafil and Shock Wave Therapy Study

Over the years there have been a few extracorporeal shock wave therapy studies. I would say that a picture has emerged of a treatment that may help with pain, but is limited in other areas such as curvature reduction. This study bears that out in my view. Tadalafil is a powerful drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and it may well be largely responsible for the erectile function score improvements seen in this study.

Of course if shock wave therapy is responsible for pain reduction - rather than the passage of time - the timing of the treatment could be very important. If those men with the first signs of peyronie's disease pain but no plaque or curvature undertake a course of this treatment what would the results be? It's notoriously difficult to measure the effectiveness of treatments while the condition is still active, because the way in which peyronie's develops differs from person to person. The main conservative treatment exception to that, I'd say, is pentoxifylline - and possibly CoQ10 though more studies are needed. Once the active stage is over there are treatments such as VED, traction therapy and surgery which demonstrate results that are more easily quantifiable.

I'll cover injection treatments in the next post as this is one area that hasn't been heavily covered on the site so far.

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