Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Stem Cell Therapy

A new study reports that "Damage to parts of the penis vital for proper erections has been repaired for the first time with the help of stem cells. In rats, the treatment restored full erections, improved blood flow and accelerated healing." There is hope that eventually stem cell techniques will be able to help men suffering from peyronie's disease.

 In the study one groups of rats received a tissue only graft while another received grafts mixed in with stem cells. The stem cell group experienced better healing (less scarring) and better sexual function than the other group.

 Don't get too excited though as a number of current peyronie's disease treatments are very successful in rats in comparison to people. The next step is to test it on primates, and then eventually men. Stem cells are already being put to amazing uses and so this is definitely as area which potentially holds promise for the future. With scarring causing curvature and indentations in peyronie's disease sufferers, the more methods we have for altering/changing/stretching/disolving scar tissue the better. In theory stem cell therapy could eventually be the holy grail for us. That day may be some time off yet though.

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