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Peyronie's Disease Question Via Email

I have just been looking through your website and was interested to note that mechanical devices are now beginning to get some support from urologists in the treatment of Peyronie's Disease. I last saw a specialist in Nov 10 and was told there was no treatment apart from surgical intervention. I had lost any hope of achieving any improvement but would be keen to try a vacuum pump. Could you recommend a suitable device?


I have a vacuum pump that I ordered off the website. It took a while to arrive but all in all I'm pretty happy with it.

It's a shame that your specialist didn't ackowledge conservative treatments. Some top specialists in the states advise a combined approach of pentoxifylline and traction device for example, the logic being that some men will improve enough to not require surgery, and others will gain some length back, which, even if they do eventually have surgery is positive. 


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Hello, I have been free of peyronies for 6 years, and self treatment was done within my home. The web search; peyronies, beesting. In regards to prostate enlargement issue, it is the same illness as peyronies, only that calcium plaque placements are deposited within the prostate and testicles. In other words, the reproductive system is all plugged up with arthritic type materials placed there by the immune system itself! If this website premit referring to other website, please consider the below note;
Dear suffers of peyronies. Most of the forums on the subject are time wasters; all pitch that they got the ´fix´ from peyronies discomforts and deformities. And if this were not bad enough, peyronies doctors pitching their penis stretcher devices and numerous pricking, cutting and prodding, as their recommended quick fix towards peyronies relief is very troubling to me! If you are a peyronies suffer, and want to get relief without forums´ so-called experts or doctors of questionable motives, actions and fees, please consider searching the internet with these three words; curezone, beesting, peyronies! What few peyronies doctors will not say to their clients is that 10 percent of their operations are failures! This means victims operated on by peyronies doctors are now penis-less for life! There is a much easier way to go — nature´s way to peyronies freedom.
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