Friday, 13 January 2012

Another Email

Hi Peyornie's Disease Site.

I wonder if you can help? I was diagnosed last November with P.D. I am taking Potaba four times a day,with excellent results,do you know ,if I went to my doctor could he prescribe a traction device, or would I need to buy one.


I'd say that traction is really picking up pace as an accepted treatment in the US and elsewhere due to the Levine studies. I can't honestly tell you that I've heard all that many reports or traction devices being prescribed in the UK yet though. It may be worth asking when you next have an appointment. Some doctors prefer solely oral treatments (potabo, and now pentox etc) rather than mechanical devices like traction, or VED. The top doctors in America tend to go with a combined approach though. When do you next have an appointment? I can search for links to the revelant traction studies if you like and you could print them off and take them to your GP.


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