Saturday, 29 October 2011

New Combined Treatment Study

This brand new combined therapy peyronie's disease study throws up some interesting results. It certainly poses questions about Verapamil, which currently has a less than positive reputation amongst patients, online at least. With traction removed from the picture the treatment regimen rather worryingly appears to have resulted in a slight loss of stretched penis length. However there was a fairly significant reduction in curvature. Perhaps the main curvature causing plaques are being reduced in size, while there is a slight continuation in loss of elasticity throughout the penis.

Adding a penis extender resulted in a more significant curvature improvement and an increase in stretched length. This is a lesson already learned, as Xiaflex injections are also thought to be much more effective in conjunction with traction therapy - a process known as modelling. It's hard to gauge the effectiveness of pentoxifylline with these factors at play. I'd tend to fall back on results from previous studies, rather than draw any pentoxifylline specific conclusions here.

I think there are still some questions over how necessary verapamil injections are, when you consider that curvature improvements of this magnitude can often be seen in men using traction or ved therapy alone (without the need for painful injections). Also with traction you often see length increases too. That was not seen here when verapamil was done without modelling via traction.

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