Thursday, 1 September 2011

PAV Cocktail Question

(The PAV cocktail is Pentox, L-Arginine and Viagra. It is sometimes used as a conservative oral treatment for peyronie's disease.)


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Any ideas on the doses employed for the arginine (2-3g as above), pentoxyfylline and tadalafil combo therapy? Obviously not be construed as medical advice!

Also could you recommend physicians who employ this practice over here in the UK and would be able to advise. Some uro's are not at all informed on the state of research.

Is there no contraindication on the use of tadalafil and pentox. both being PDE inhibitors although with different specificities?


Taking 2g of L-Arginine daily is quite common, though I do notice that in terms of the PAV cocktail, it seems to be viewed as the least essential component nowadays.

Pentoxifylline is often taken 400mg x 2 or 3 daily, though one well known peyronie's disease specialist in the US is trialling 800mg x 3 daily. I doubt any urologists in the UK would currently suggests such a dose at this time though.

A recent study hinting at reduction in scarring (see here) when Cialis is taken daily, would suggest that this might be the better ED drug option, and not Viagra. However, many men seem to report slighly harder erections with Viagra, and of course the side effects are different for each drug too, so it all depends what works best for you. It's somethinG you should discuss with your doctor.

As several urologists prescribe both Cialis and Pentoxifylline it would appear that they are deemed safe to take together. I haven't heard of any problems in that regard. I wouldn't say that the PAV cocktail is widely known in the UK, but any urologist worth their salt should be willing to prescribe conservative oral therapies such as Pentoxifylline and Cialis. L-arginine is a non prescription supplement.

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