Sunday, 19 June 2011

Relationship between penile fracture and Peyronie's

It is often suggested that peyronie's disease can be caused by penile injury, and that does appear to be the case. This can sometimes be seen in cases of untreated penile fracture. In this study, we see that treated (surgically) cases of penile fracture rarely result in cases of peyronie's disease.

Of course a fracture of the penis is a medical emergency. On the other end of the scale, many men do not report any kind of injury to the penis, but still go on to develop peyronie's disease. It may be that a minor injury has occured which has resulted in the condiiton developing. There are various theories about "trapped inflammation", genetic susceptibility and the like, but each case of the condition appears to be quite individual, so it's all but impossible to know what causes peyronie's in every instance.

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