Thursday, 16 June 2011

Quick News

- Dr Lue has started prescribing 800mg x 3 pentoxiflyne to some patients. It has been said that better results are seen faster (especially in those with calcificulation)

- Positive noises regarding the UK Xiaflex study are starting to come out. One guy on the peyronies forum stated that he'd gone from 30 degrees to 18 after one course of treatment. Early days yet though. Hopefully more updates will emerge.

- Andropenis have launched a peyronie's disease specific traction device. I would think that it's more the instructions / treatment plan that differs than the device itself, but its positive that traction continues to be recognised as a viable treatment option.

- I noticed a movie mention of peyronie's disease in a review for Twelve Thirty. The score on imdb isn't particularly impressive, so I doubt many people will see it. Still, it's good to see that this condition is getting mentions outside of clinical environments.

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