Friday, 22 April 2011

Interview with Dr. Tom Lue (video)

Click here to watch the video (no embed option available).

This video is a peyronie's disease specific discusssion taken from a longer interview with Dr Tom Lue. Dr Lue is a renowned peyronie's disease expert and professor of Urology at UCSF in the US.

In this clip Lue mostly discusses the ongoing collagenase (Xiaflex) clinical trials. He touches on how the treatment works, possible complications and briefly mentions how stretch treatments like traction can be used alongside it.

He also states that men with calcification issues (who would otherwise not be suited to this treatment) may be able to reduce or eliminate that problem by use of pentoxifylline, and how pentoxifylline may also slow or stop progression in those with early peyronie's disease.

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