Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Email - Verapamil

I live in the UK and am in my twenties. I have Peyronie's Disease and would like more information on getting Verapamil treatment in the UK. My doctor has stated that surgery is an option but I told him that I'm very apprehensive about that. Are there any other suitable options out there for me?



Dear W

I'm not sure of your best bet with regard to verapamil treatment in the UK. My feeling is that it's more popular in the states. Treatments like traction and VED are becoming more accepted in the UK though, as is use of the drug pentoxifylline (often in conjunction with these treatments). Surgery has helped many men with peyronie's disease, though I can appreciate why, at such a young age you would be keen on seeking out more conservative treatments first.

To a large extent the type of treatment will depend on the severity and stage of your condition. If curvature is minor, conservative treatment options might be suitable. The same applies if it's an 'active' condition (if you've had it for a period shorter than 12 months, or if there is still pain etc).

There are Xiaflex trials occuring right now in the UK. While, you've missed the boat in terms on the first run, but it's a treatment that may well prove to be more promising than Verapamil injections. It's possible that you are refering to topical Verapamil treatment and not injections. The topical treatment doesn't have a very good track record at all I'm afraid. If you're interested in the UK Xiaflex trials, keep an eye out for updates regarding any future trials.


Peyronie's Disease UK

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