Thursday, 17 March 2011

Peyronie's Disease Videos

Previously I posted video from Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies of a peyronie's disease consultation, and follow up. Recently the show once again featured a segment on peyronie's disease. This time it concentrated on the actual surgical options and the procedure itself (so viewer discretion is advised). For those considering surgery it's really informative and I'm happy that Channel 4 has once again educated millions of its viewers about peyronie's disease.

*2012 Update* Below is another, more recent followup with the gentleman in the above video, as well as discussion with Dr Christian and his colleagues.

Here is a previous peyronie's disease video from 2009. It concentrates on the consultation itself, and the follow up:

On the occasions peyronie's disease has been covered on TV, it has resulted in a surgical resolution. The nature of the show is that a problem is identified, dealt with, and followed up on, in a reasonably short period of time. That doesn't really leave much scope for conservative options like oral treatments, mechanical methods, or coverage of men in the more active stage of the condition. You can also view our peyronie's disease images page for examples of how the condition can manifest itself in those suffering from it.


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There's a point at about 3.14, just after the surgeon says something about "skinning the penis" that the oriental female doctor to the right of the patient flashes a huge smile and laughs!

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