Sunday, 30 January 2011

Xiaflex Trials (UK)

To whom it may concern,

A patient of ours has suggested emailing you some information regarding a new clinical trial for Peyronies disease.

This is a European Trial using Collagenase which will be due to start in Febuary once screening has taken place.

The main inclusion criterias include:

Men with Peyronie's Disease of at least 12 months and with a curvature between 30-90 degrees.

There are a number of other criterias that are stipulated for the trial but these will be discussed with the patients in more detail should they be interested in applying for the trial. The trial is "time intensive" with a number of visits to the clinic set over a 9 month period.

We would be grateful if you know any patients or of any followers of your forums that may be interested in participating in this trial. The patients may ring our office in Harley street on 0207 486 3805 or email myself, at for further information.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

Mandi Kayes

Lead Clinical Nurse Practitioner to Mr David J Ralph

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Email - Pentoxifylline for congenital curvature

Dear Peyronie's Disease UK,

I have heard that pentoxifylline doesn't help with congenital curvature if there are similar symptoms, but no plaque. Is this true?

Best Regards,



Dear B,

Pentoxifylline helps to reduce inflammation and plaque. In the congenital condition there is no scarring to speak of so pentox is of no use. In one respect that's unfortunate, but with the congenital condition, you are at least in a position where the condition is totally stable, and suited to other therapies like traction (if it's minor curvature), and surgery. That you mentioned you have 'similiar symptoms' to peyronie's disease suggests to me that you should really try to get a diagnosis on what exactly is going on here. Maybe this is not a wholly congenital situation.


Peyronie's Disease UK