Sunday, 12 December 2010


Recently I saw a forum post from a man concerned that a herbal supplement called Peyreton, had not helped his condition at all. Unfortunately it's no surprise that it doesn't work, as this thread on the peyronie's forum attests.

On the Peyreton site, the 'Ingredient Details' are listed as:

None of these ingredients have ever been shown to be at all useful in any reliable, peer reviewed peyronie's disease study. It's as if the ingredients were randomly thrown together and I fail to see how they are at all useful in treating peyronie's disease. It has the hallmarks of a scam.

The Peyreton site also includes an 'Expected Results' area:

Unfortunely no oral treatment in existence can boast the ability to effectively cure peyronie's disease within a three month period. This claim is entirely without merit and gives men false hope.

The 'Research Studies' on the site are carried out by 'The Gordon's Herbal Research Center'. A quick google on that topic reveals this post. It appears that the ingredients for many of their miracle cures (for widly different conditions) are either identical or very similiar. The site even states concerns that thse supplements may even be dangerous to some individuals.

My advice would be to avoid Peyreton and any product under the Gordon's Herbal Research Center umbrella. Peyreton certainly will not help treat peyronie's disease. What it will do is waste your time, money and result in disappointment. It's a scam. Avoid.

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