Saturday, 4 December 2010

Email - Spontaneous Recovery

Dear Peyronie's Disease UK,

Thank you for your blog site. It's very helpful in its clear, concise but comprehensive nature. I'm a relatively new, young sufferer (29) and not dealing very well with the psychological implications. Do you think spontaneous recovery is valid? I don't believe your site directly addresses the issue, and statics on the Internet vary significantly with no real detail or case examples. Keep in mind that holding on to the idea of spontaneous recovery is very important to those early sufferers for whom hope is fragile.

Thank you, again, for your site, you are greatly appreciated by your readers.


Hi M,

You've reminded me to write one or two posts about the psychological angle in future. I have heard of a few anecdotal reports of spontaneous recovery online. I'd prefer the term spontaneous improvement though (rather than recovery), as it seems more realistic than complete recovery. In taking a proactive approach towards treatment (Pentoxifylline, VED, Traction etc) I feel that it's possible for many men to make good improvements. It isn't an overnight answer though, a long term view is required. Once the condition is stable, there are options such as surgery, but if conservative treatments are somewhat successful, or improvements occur on their own, surgery may not be required.


Peyronie's Disease UK

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