Thursday, 14 October 2010

Vitamin D

I've blogged about many supplements on this blog before, so it seems like to good idea to make sure that Vitamin D is covered too. I don't wish to portray Vitamin D as a peyronie's disease specific treatment, because it isn't, but in terms of general health it deserves to be highlighted. Peyronie's disease often brings about an increased awareness and responsibility for ones general health and this is an extension of that.

Over the past few years, the momentun behind vitamin D, better described as a hormone rather than a vitamin, has been growing steadily. A great many of us are deficient in the vitamin, with diets lacking in sufficient Vitamin D, and exposure to sunlight lacking in the colder months. In some countries common foods are often fortified, but I've noticed that Vitamin D fortification isn't anywhere near as common here. Vitamin D levels in individuals can vary significantly. 5000 Units per day isn't a particulalry outlandish amount to take and aiming for a 25-hydroxy vitamin level of 60-70 ng/ml is thought to be about right (recommended by the popular heartscan blog).

Vitamin D is known to influence over 200 genes associated with common disease and ailments and those with adequate levels of it have significantly reduced incidences of several cancers. A deficiency of vitamin D can promote inflammation, which is certainly a concern for those of us with peyronie's disease.

Vitamin D tests are more common nowadays as deficiency in the vitamin is become recognised in many quearters. Take a look at this recent news item from the BBC News website concerning low vitamin D levels throughout Scotland, and this article about deficiencies amongst certain racial groups. The idea that Vitamin D only relates to bone health is very outdated and unhelpful.


Anonymous said...

I have been self treating with 5000 units of D3 daily and 4 ml testosterone injected weekly. I use a hot pot of water with a cloth in between us as I recline for heat, 30 minutes per day. I use water over 110F. My curvature has gone from 45 degrees to about 20 degrees, length has inproved, and there is much less hard tissue. Sex is good again!

Editor said...

Thanks very much for your contribution. It shows what good imrpovements can be made with a dedicated approach.

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