Wednesday, 13 October 2010


There's not exactly a miriad of options on the mechanical side of peyronie's disease treatments (vacuum pumps, traction devices) so aside from covering the basics and protocols used (ved protocol) the conversation usually ends there.

There are variations on a theme though, and the VacADS system is one that I recently tried and which was a positive enough experience to get me to write about it here. The device doesn't use the traditional noose method of fastsize and co. Instead a plastic helmet is placed on the head of the penis, and the device holds in place due to vacuum. It's more comfortable than you'd think and I tend to wear it for around 2 hours then remove it. I only place a light weight on the device, as I feel that I always need to adopt a long term strategy and accept that this isn't the case of waking up tomorrow and everything being back to normal. Also, fear of injury plays a part in such decisions.

The ADS part of VacADS stands for all day stretch. I'm not sure how someone could stretch all day long using this device though, as I imagine that they would experience a degree of fluid buildup due to the prolonged vacuum.

I still use a vacuum pump. I had a period of time where I developed some blood spots, which was frustrating for me, as I wasn't pumping any harder than usual. The supplements and medications that I take do thin my blood slightly though. Everything is a delicate balance and it's important to try to listen to your body and take a steady and sure approach to peyronie's disease treatments. I have considered alternating between traction and vacuum therapy of alternate days. This isn't a protocol that I've seen put forward and I'm not sure how wise it is to move onto the road less travelled. I do feel that there is evidence both strategies have merits though, which is the logic behind my thinking.

Each device has it's drawbacks and it's down to the individual to find out what works best for them. It certainly makes sense to go down the physical/mechanical option route though, as a combined approach of that and oral treatments is beneficial both physically and psychologically in my view. If you have any experiences to share of using either traction of VED (vacuum erectile device) therapy, feel free to post a comment.

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