Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bristol Urology

I don't highlight many urologists on the site, but I did recently see positive comments relating to the treatment of peyronie's disease at Bristol Urology. Apparently they readily prescribe pentoxifylline to peyronie's disease patience. This might not sound like something of note, but many urologists still don't prescribe it, despite the positive study we're seen and thumbs up from previous top urologists.

According to the site, for NHS patients, "if you live in North Somerset or South Gloucestershire, your GP can refer you to the BUA under the innovative 'GP Care' urology diagnostic scheme." The details of the scheme are on this page. The appointment waiting times under this scheme seem to be reasonably short and the details of what you can expect during the initial appointment are set on the page. I assume that those outside of the area can get referred to Bristol Urology through the NHS too, though it might differ slightly from the GP Care scheme. Apparently Consultant Urologist Dr Tim Whittlestone is a good person to talk to about your peyronie's disease concerns.

If any of you are past of present patients of Bristol Urology feel free to leave a comment detailing your experiences.

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