Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Vacuum Erection Device (VED) Study

Below is a link to the new vacuum erectile device (VED) study that I mentioned in the previous post.


The use of medical grade vacuum pumps has been a part of the peyronie's disease community for years now. Despite this fact, and many positive anecdotal reports, urologist in general have not embraced the VED as a viable treatment option.

This study, the first I have seen in relation to vacuum devices, goes some way to showing that it may well be a useful treatment option for those sufferers from peyronie's disease. The results are far from miraculous, and the sample is small, but curvature did improve in many patients to the point where surgery was not required. This is certainly a positive development in the lives of those men. The fact that pain improved too is a very promising finding, because both short (weeks to months) and in a minority cases very long term pain can, both physically and mentally, be a very difficult aspect of PD to deal with.

Let's hope that there are further VED studies undertaken in future, and that these too have positive outcomes. Perhaps a combined studies (involving Vacuum AND traction) or a combination of vacuum device and oral treatments should be carried out. Pentoxifylline for instance can sometimes soften scarring and calcified areas. This VED study write-up suggests that on soft scars VED therapy results may be more pronounced, therefore, it does start to make the case for combined therapy studies.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting this. This is a very encouraging step forward on the use of VED as a non-surgical approach for PD.

Editor said...

My pleasure. It is indeed encouraging that non-surgical methods are finally getting the attention they deserve. VED therapy especially has been derided in some quarters, despite positive results for a number of men. Now at least there is weight behind the idea that it can be of use.

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