Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Peyronie's Disease Research

To the Editor: Re. Peyronie’s Disease information found at:

Dear sir,

I found your website whilst looking for further information on Peyronie’s disease as part of a research study we are conducting to better understand the experiences, problems and issues faced on a daily basis by diagnosed Peyronie’s sufferers.

This research study will take the form of a 60-minute telephone interview with Peyronie’s patients who are willing to discuss the problems and issues faced since a diagnosis was made.

Eligible participants who go on to complete the interview will be offered £80 as a thank you for helping on this research. I would also like to stress that all information provided by participants in this research is treated in the strictest confidence, including names of participating individuals in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The research will be conducted under the Code of Conduct of the Market Research Society.

I would be grateful if you would post this information to any Peyronie’s patients who might be interested in helping out with this research. To help I have attached a flyer containing the full contact information for anyone interested in helping us with this research.

Many thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Martin Evans

Direct Line: +44 (0)203 1300 640
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 1300 630
Fax Number: +44 (0)208 7882 042

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