Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Researching Peyronie's Disease

Medical developments and breakthroughs happen all of the time and although peyronie's disease isn't exactly at the forefront of such progress, it pays to keep your finger on the pulse. It is of course sad that PD doesn't receive the attention that it most certainly deserves, but knowledge gained in areas relating to inflammation and scarring all help us to piece together the puzzle that this condition is, and gives hope that peyronie's disease will one day be a thing of the past.

The Xiaflex trials are ongoing. Over the next year or so, we should start to get a firm idea of whether it will be recognised as a viable treatment for peyronie's disease. Keep an eye on their press releases here.

The peyronie's forum offers a patients perspective and anything new on the horizon in relation of treatments finds its way here in no time at all. Keep an eye on the developmental drugs, alternative treatments and oral treatments boards for the latest thoughts and findings.

There are a handful of patient run peyronie's blogs/sites, some of which in my view are very negative. One of the few I do enjoy reading is Cure Peyronie's. It's updated with new editions a few times a year, and every update is very detailed and enlightening. The latest update relates to 'prostate cancer and peyronie's disease', and in my view is a must read for all men. An eye opening read to say the least. The previous update centered more on future developments.

Those in the anti-aging community attempt to find ways to combat age related issues. As inflammatory processes are at the core of many conditions and diseases, developments here may apply directly to peyronie's disease inflammation. The immInst.org forum is well worth checking out for the latest buzz on supplements (and dietary matters) which may apply to sufferers of peyronie's disease. The supplements board and Resveratrol sub-board are especially interesting. The website anti-aging firewalls, is also very detailed and very relevant.

Last but certainly not least is the National Center for Biotechnology Information site. Here you have access to the very latest research. Using the search feature intelligently by searching by condition, treatments, characteristics and so on, can sometimes lead you to into making treatment choices and/or somewhat educated leaps of faith. That afterall is what pentoxifylline was/is.

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