Monday, 9 November 2009

Penis Tissue Replaced in the Lab

Of course in the here and now, potential peyronie's disease treatments five or ten years down the line might not be music to our ears, but the long game is a valid one. There are treatments that effectively offer hope in the short term (such as the PAV cocktail), VED / traction use, treatments on the horizon such as Xiaflex, and surgical options. An interesting article from the BBC News website, detailing the process of creating new erectile tissue in the lab.

As peyronie's disease seems to differ for each individual, with varying degrees of worsening/improvement/pain and so on, it's useful to existing sufferers to have the hope of new developments in the pipeline. Young people especially, are very likely to benefit from developments such as these in coming years. Keeping an eye on future animal trials will no doubt be in our interest.

Knowledge in relation to peyronie's disease has been embarrassingly lacking for so very long, and while there is still much to be known, it's heartening to see various potential solutions and advancements making their way towards us.

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