Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Superoxide Dismutase

Superoxide Dismutase holds interest in the treatment of peyronie's. Admittedly some studies have been more promising than others, but as part of a well rounded approach to attacking peyronie's disease, I can see logic in adding it to a treatment regimen. A "topical gel containing liposomally encapsulated recombinant human superoxide dismutase" mentioned in a couple of articles in relation to peyronie's disease isn't commercially available, but a Superoxide Dismutase supplement is (from iherb in the form of a dietary supplement called S.O.D).

An enhanced verison of Superoxide Dismutase from 'Life Extension' called GliSODin appears to be the most bio-available oral version at our disposal. (Wikipedia entry)

As stated previously taurine may be a useful addition to the peyronie's arsenal, and it does appear that taurine raises superoxide dismutase levels, so maybe it is useful in part due to this mechanism. Type "taurine" and "Superoxide Dismutase" together in to see countless instances of this. (As an aside: If you take Taurine, you may want to add Niacin, as a few studies involving both have demonstrated success in various fibrotic conditions).

As it seems that the injectable version is out of reach, and to be honest the idea of repeatedly injecting substances into a peyronies penis probably isn't a great idea under most curcumstances anyway. Still, maybe the enhanced oral bioavailability version can be a good conpromise. Adding an oral version to a regime seems like a safe bet since it has anti inflammatory and anti fibrotic properties in a number of conditions. Without a full understanding of the ins and outs of peyronie's disease, the best appraoch is likely one that covers as many bases as possible.

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