Saturday, 3 October 2009

Peyronie's Disease Forum

When my life was first impacted by peyronie's disease, there was no internet, well at least not for the majority of us. With no way to connect with other sufferers, an extra layer was added to what was already a very difficult situation to come to terms with. In 'real life' urologists are not always the most understanding people, because they are simply are not trained to deal with the mental anguish that can often accompany this condition. A partner may not always be able to understand where you are coming from either, and it may be difficult to confide in family and friends.

The peyronie's disease forum has become something of a psychological sanctuary for many men. It's a forum for sufferers of peyronie's disease with almost 3000 members and many more observers. The discussion driven emphasis on the experience of the patient is something that is quite unique and leads to valuable infomation quickly filtering through (such as who the best urologists are, the latests takes on treatment options etc). I certainly recommend checking it out, if only to take a look around and view the contributions of others.

It would of course be good to see more local people (as in United Kingdom residents) contributing their experiences with urologists, the NHS in general and so on at the PD forum. Sharing local knowledge can benefit all sufferers, and learning from the experiences of others is something that we should certainly aim to promote.

Click HERE to check out the peyronie's disease forum!


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