Monday, 28 September 2009

Media Coverage

Peyronie's Disease hasn't really ever had its '15 minutes of fame', so the opportunity to increase knowledge of the condition on a mass scale is yet to be realised. Mentions are few and far between, though the condition has started to receive some media attention in print and on television in recent years. Check out the links below:

Channel 4 - Embarrassing Illnesses - Perhaps that most prominent UK coverage of peyronie's disease features on Series 1 of Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies. This Channel is popular with young people and I'm pleased that many thousands of people will have now heard about peyronie's disease through watching this TV program.

Preventing penile fractures and Peyronie's disease - A newspaper article emphasising preventative action. Includes some words from Dr Lue.

Middle age threw me a wicked curve - This article is, in my view, slightly alarmist:

And the fourth, and most drastic (option), is surgery. "But I warn you," said the doctor, "you'll lose two or three inches. No more Peyronie's, but no penis, either."

This of course is not a very common situation, as there are surgical options such as grafting which can in many cases retain whatever length the long side of the penis is. Of course if the whole penis is smaller due to scar tissue, then that length cannot be recovered through surgery.

Daily Mail Article - A good article from the perspective of the patient and the consultant detailing a man's experience with surgery for peyronie's disease . The "Peyronie's disease affects more than 80,000 men in Britain" claim is a little off though in my view. Add another zero and you're probably getting there.

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