Thursday, 6 August 2009

Vacuum Erection Device

For some men use of a vacuum erection device (VED) can be helpful in the treatment of peyronie's disease, though as with other treatment options it can take quite some time for results to show. The thinking behind this strategy is that use of a VED improves the blood flow to the penis, while also stretching out the scar tissue / penile plaque that is present. This is not only useful for those trying to avoid surgery (by lessening curvature somewhat) but also those hoping to reduce curvature to ensure that less length is lost if they do go for a surgical option at a later date. Aside from traction it is the only other mechanical treatment used to treat peyronie's disease.

VED use has not been extensively studied, but it is certainly a method of treatment that was helped some men regain lost length caused by peyronie's disease. Anything that stretches and exercises the penis is good for peyronie's sufferers, because it can help to increase and/or recover the elasticity of the penis cause by scar tissue. Many men with peyronie's struggle to maintain an erection, and as such this may contribution to the worsening of their condition. Regular penile exercise via erections through various means (oral, natural, devices) is a must in my opinion. It is actually thought that regular use of the VED may help some men avoid Erectile Dysfunction.

As with most methods it will not work for all, but some men swear by it. Once again it is a long haul treatment, so unless you are willing to stick with it every day for several months, VED therapy is probably not be the right treatment option for you. Treatment of peyronie's is a marathon and not a sprint. Improvements take time and VED therapy is no different to any other approach in that regard.

There are a number of quality vacuum erection devices for sale, so please do not go down the route of purchasing a cheap "penis pump". The VED required needs to be of a high quality, effectively medical grade. The Soma Correct is a good option, and Boston Pump also provide quality pumps and cylinders. A more detailed post relating to how to best use these devices is here --> Vacuum Therapy Protocol.

Traction devices are another option for reducing curvature and returning lost length. Click through for device info and news of successful traction device studies.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone had experience with VED compared to a Traction Device such as the Fast Size. Both these two non-invasive options seem to be fairly well matched in (possible) success rates and price. Because of this I'm not sure which to go for... Any help would be much appreciated.

Editor said...

This is certainly a tough one, and the answer you get often differs from person to person. Persnally, I think both have their place, though contrary to populary opinion, I believe that when both options are used correctly, the VED may be the safer option.

Successes relating to traction use are noted in studies though, so it clearly does work.

Anonymous said...

what does the VED look like?

Editor said...

It's a device you place over the penis, which is connected to a pump. A vacuum develops within the device, which pulls blood into the penis. Look for "vaccum erection device" on google images and you'll see examples of VEDs.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me ifVED is used only for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or also for correcting peyronies

Editor said...

A VED can be used for erectile dysfunction as well as for peyronie's disease. Along with traction it's a useful mechanical treatment which can often be used alongside oral treatments etc. Here's a vacuum pump related study:

Anonymous said...

My consultant has recommended using a vacuum pump, and made an appointment for me at the hospital for one. Just had the "consultation" to find that it was a sales man for one particular brand. Rather than just going for that brand, I'd like to look around, but I'm not finding much on the internet.

Perhaps Google is censoring the results - even the two brands mentioned above weren't shown until I put in the actual brand name.

Does anyone know of other brands of medical grade VEDs? I'm avoiding ones which are just touted as size enhancing/adult toys etc.

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