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Over recent years Pentoxifylline (aka Pentox, Trental) has emerged as a treatment for peyronie's disease. Where some other treatments have come and gone, pentoxifylline does at least appear to be helpful to some men, and has been useful in various other conditions where fibrosis is an component. There have not been many peyronie's specific pentoxifylline studies carried out as yet (aside from this case study), but results in animal studies caused a decrease in PD plaque and collagen/fibloflast ratio, so there is logic to choosing this as a treatment option.

Trental is usually taken in three daily 400mg doses, each seperated by 8 hours. The treatment is typically combined with l-arginine and sometimes viagra. This approach is used by the likes of Dr Levine and Dr Lue, both of whom are respected in urologists. Dr Lue noted that "We have noted regression of calcified chronic plaques in over 50 men treated with 6 months of pentoxifylline". Pentoxifylline downregulates collagen expression, reduces proinflammatory and increases antiinflammatory response so I'm of the believe that for those with peyronie's, the earlier you start taking it the better. Pentoxifylline is oftens used alongside  L-Arginine and Viagra as part of the PAV cocktail.

Further information including a .pdf file of the recent pentoxifylline study here.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm on this medication for PD. I started the meds about 3 months after I first noticed the curvature...because it took that long to get a referral to the urologist in my city (Toronto).

Now I'm reading the quicker you get on the meds the better. What time frame from discovery is one still considered new to PD?

I've been taking it for almost 2 months now and haven't noticed any improvement. The doctor suggested I take 2 400 mg tablets twice a day for three months.

I'm not a big fan of popping pills and I am having mild nausea. Should I see these pills through? Perhaps the pills prevent further curvature? Did I wait too long to begin taking the medication?

I've read about L-Arginine on your site, should I take this supplement to compliment the meds? is there any danger in that?

Thank you,


Editor said...

Hi J,

Some men don't receive treatment for many months. I would say that some kind of delay is very common, as it's not a condition that most people (laymen or professionals) know much about. Also, there is the embarrassment factor, which stops many men seeking treatment early.

Pentoxifylline is a slow working drug. When used to treat radition scarring in breast cancer is has been used for three years +. Peyronie's can be a slow developing disease too though, so it's not a bad fit in that regard. Many urologists put people on it for 6 months +.

I would definitely see it through. It's a well tolerated and well understood drug and according to the available data it certainly does stop progression in many men, and improves the condiiton in a reasonable number. I certainly wouldn't say that you started on it too late.

Some patients take the PAV cocktain (pentox, l-arginine, viagra). I would probably substitute viagra for cialis, and add pycnogenol as it has good synergy with l-arginine. Use a VED or traction too. Do all that you can.

Anonymous said...

what about Neprinol?

Anonymous said...

I also want to ask if its ok to combine pentoxifylline with Neprinol..

Editor said...

Sorry for the amazingly slow reply. I'd missed the above comments. For a fast response it's best to email the site.

There haven't been any Neprinol studies for Peyronie's Disease and I haven't heard many positive comments about Neprinol in relation to the condition. I doubt it would do much hurt, but I'm not convinced it would do any good either. There's nothing, to my knowledge, about the particular combination that you should worry about though.

Anonymous said...

i read on line that Neprinol has helped some men suffering from Peyronie's disease, by breaking up the plaque. is there any truth to this?
I am also on Pentoxifylline, but i have heard that long term use can cause problems with the kidneys. Is there any truth to this?

Editor said...

I've known quite a few people who took Neprinol and I would say that I've heard very little in terms of positive impressions of its effectiveness.

As for pentoxifylline, it has very few side effects, and for various conditions it's not unheard of for people to take it for years. I think Pentoxifylline is actually used in the treatment of some kidney conditions.

Anonymous said...

My pain started after two days of kind of rough sex, I felt some pain the very day after and worsened in the next week only during erections, after 4 weeks (now with small curvature) I went to the urologist and he said to take 1000mg of vitamin E and come back in 3 months ... I kept looking for info on PD and there was no way I was going to follow the Dr advice! ... This is what I prescribed myself after tons of hours of research:

1-Acetyl-L-Cartinine (1 gr twice a day)
2-Pentox 400 mg 3 times a day (I managed to get it without RX)
3-Propolis (RAW Capsules) 2000 mg a day
4-Vitamin E 500 mg a day

I am in my third month since the onset (second month of treatment) and the pain (that was somehow significant during erections) has subsided about 90% ... The curvature acts kind of strange, some days is about 8-12 degrees to the right and other days I only see inflammation on the left side of the glans lump. I intend to stick to this treatment for at least six months and go from there, I am glad I started early treatment (about the 5th week), I have a positive attitude and high hopes ... I know every case is different but hopefully somebody can benefit from this information, please DON'T wait.

Anonymous said...

How is the Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Pentox, Propolis, Vitamin E regimen working?

Anonymous said...

Hi there can you please tell me how your treatment has responded since as its been around 6 months since you posted? I am in exactly the same position as you were here.

Many thanks

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