Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dr David Ralph

Dr David Ralph is perhaps the best known peyronie's specialist in the UK and is part a practice called Andrology on Harley Street, London. He has written extensively on peyronie's disease and respected urologist Dr Lawrence Levine holds him in high regard. He is the biggest implanter of penile prostheses in the UK and also carries out less drastic peyronie's surgery.

A copy of his CV is here:

As there appears to be a certain lack of community in the UK regarding peyronie's disease and reporting experiences, I feel that this is a good opportunity to contribute. If you're a current or previous patient of Dr David Ralph please do contact me with your experiences. Please include as much detail as possible such as:

What kind of treatment you received or are receiving (oral treatments, surgery etc)?

What was your route to treatment (private or NHS)?

If you had surgery what procedure did you receive and was it a success?

Was your overall experience good or bad? Why?

Please also include a contact email if possible.

Your contributions will make the process of seeking help less daunting for other men. Much of the worry about seeing a urologist relates to the unknown, and reading experiences of others will at least ensure that you have a more rounded patient centric view of what to expect.

If you have experiences with another urologist, feel free to get that info to me too. I'll be posting writeups of other doctors, and may compile a list or directory of experiences if I get enough interest.


Anonymous said...

I had the surgery done in new york at St Vincent's Hospital in March, They removed about 1/2 inch by 1-1/2 inches of scar tissue then replaced it with a parabolic patch. The curvature is still bad but they keep telling me that the patch will eventually stretch and the curve will lessen, is this true? my email is

Anonymous said...

I have been searching the internet re peyronie's and can find no information on the related pain. What if pain is causing impotence? are there any treatments to reduce pain?

Anonymous said...

acetyl l carnitine is apparently beneficial to reducing pain taken in high doses at 1g twice daily, its not cheap, also an enzyme coq10 taken at 300 mg daily. check and the british journal of urology, also ensure that the vitamin that you may have been prescribed, is from a reputable label and contains the requisite 400 IU amount. All these above treatments are not endorsed by all practitioners but double blind studies have been carried out in some instances with promising results

Anonymous said...

saw him today - he was very good :)

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