Saturday, 8 August 2009


I intend to add content to this site until it represents something of real value to the peyronie's disease community. This condition is one which is neglected to some extent by medical professions, and due to the embarrassment and distress of sufferers, advocacy groups are few and far between.

My intention here is to touch on various existing treatment options, and have a forward looking approach to potential developments and breakthroughs. What would also be useful is to have some actual sufferers feedback, in terms of what worked and what didn't work for you personally. This really would add to the relevance of the site and be of great help to other sufferers.

Information that would be of use would be your experiences being treated under a specific doctor, the treatment regime you undertook, how successful it was, useful contact numbers and advocacy efforts in the UK and abroad. Anything really. Your input is appreciated and any ideas are welcome.

Also, if you own a site relating to medical issues, and/or are writing an online article, it would be great if you give this site a mention, as I want to reach and make contact with as many peyronie's sufferers as possible. Feel free to post a comment below, or contact us.


A, Herts. said...

Thank you for going to the effort to create this site - it has been very helpful to me. I was told to wait and see by my urologist, but thanks to you I am going to go back and discuss some of the treatments mentioned on here. I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I just read your encouraging article about VED use for possible help for Peyronies sufferers. Interestingly, just last night I read a different article on another Peyronies site which emphatically stated that vacuum erection devices can cause great harm to the penile arterial walls in Peyronies sufferers because of the vacuum's stress against the penis plaque.
I really, really want to try a VED, not because of Peyronies, but because of my erectile dysfunction, but now I'm thoroughly confused as to the treatment I should use for my ED.
Please help! Should I use a vacuum erection device for me ED, or will it hurt?

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