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Peyronie's Disease FAQs

This section is designed to answer any questions you may have relating to peyronie's disease.

Q) my husband last february noticed that his penis had curved massively seemed like over night. THis has made our sex life gone. 1st question is there anything he can do to help with the curviture. 2nd. it is extremely painful anything he can do for that 3rd. we have tryed vitamin E for about 2 months and he quit taking it how long does it take to show any effects. 4th should we try to of sex or will this make it worse i am looking for some answers to help him?

A) Sorry to hear about your husbands condition. The entire site is full of options aimed at improving peyronie's disease symptoms. He should definitely try pentoxifylline for an extended period of time (6 months +) and CoQ10 as recent reports have indicated that it's useful for pain. Adding Cialis/Viagra into the mis might be a good idea if he has ED.

Some form of sexual interaction is fine, unless he finds that it increases the pain, in which case I should avoid activies that make pain worse and centre in on treatments in the short term.

Q) My penis has been curved for as long as I can remember. Do I have peyronie's disease?
A) If your penis has been curved for your whole life, you certainly do not have peyronie's disease. Your condition in that instance would be described as a congenital curve. If you are able to have intercourse, then it's not something you should worry about. If your congenital curve is substantial and hinders intercourse, you may want to consider trying a traction device. If that doesn't help, surgery could be the option for you. You'd likely undergo a plication procedure. Go to your GP for further advice.

Q) I've tried various treatments and still my condition hasn't improved. What shall I do now?
Unfortunately not all men will benefit from the current oral or mechanical treatments. It's important to try to bring about a multipronged approach, because this maximises your chances of a positive outcome (traction + oral treatments, vacuum erection device and oral treatments etc). If your condition has been stable for six months and your curvature is significant, you may want to consider surgery.

Q) My doctor recommended that I take a "wait and see" approach, and suggested no treatment. Is he right to do this?

A) Peyronie's Disease is something that is ill understood by a great many people, even some of those whose job it is to know about these issues. Waiting for your condition to improve on its own is in my view not a sensible course of action. While no currently available treatment can claim to be a "magic bullet", available treatments have certainly helped many men, and what is to be lost from attempting to treat the condition ASAP? Nothing.

Q) My doctor tells me that Vitamin E is the only useful treatment for peyronie's disease. Is he correct?

A) Vitamin E used to be habitually given to peyronie's patients, but in studies it has not been shown to be particularly effective. This does not mean that you shouldn't include it in an oral regime, as there is little to lose, but it shouldn't be your only treatment. Ask your doctor about Pentoxifylline.

Q) Is there a cure for peyronie's disease?

A) At this time there is no cure as such for peyronie's disease. All treatments are designed to combat the condition and hopefully improve the eventual outcome. Traction is known to be able to reduce curvature. Trental has been demonstrated to reduce the size of plaque in some men, and so on. The more angles you attack this condition from, the greater hope there is of a satisfactory outcome.

Q)I have experienced sudden curvature, but no pain, so surely I cannot have peyronie's disease?

Although it is common, not all sufferers of peyronie's disease experience pain. Any change in the shape of your penis is of a concern and should be followed up on immediately.

Q)Why did you remove the google ads from the site? Some of the products looked useful.

They're designed to look that way by the advertisers. Unfortunately tonnes of 'miracle pill' type advertisements appeared and it's just a massive ripoff. I wrote a post about them here. I'd like nothing more than to be able to directly offer effective oral treatments on the site, but as most of those are prescription drugs that isn't possible.

Again, if you can help out by expanding on existing answers, or have a question you'd like answering contact the site.

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